What I will accomplish in the next 365 days
  1. Get at least a 3.5 GPA
    After getting straight A's last year I was used to being a great student and when this semester tanked I was devastated. I will dedicate more time to school this semester
  2. Write every day
    I don't think I've ever finished a journal before and I want to make writing a daily habit
  3. Practice French every day
    Keep that duolingo streak high and practice with other resources too
  4. Workout five times a week
    I don't care if it's running on the treadmill for 20 minutes, I want to move my body at least five days each week
  5. Post twice a week
    I would love to post even more but since right now I'm only doing once a month, I think twice a week is an ambitious goal
  6. Eat less processed sugar
    I know goals need to be specific but I hate setting hard and fast rules—maybe try to limit myself to a few sugary treats a week
  7. Eat less dairy
    I already have no cows milk but cut back on cheese and ice cream also. Greek yogurt is okay and if I eat less cheese regularly I'll be able to splurge on fancy cheese when I want
  8. Meditate daily
    Start practicing daily affirmations and at least 10 minutes of mindful meditation to reduce my stress
  9. Save 75% of my paycheck
    I am blessed right now to have very few financial obligations, so each pay period I will calculate 75% of my paycheck and move it into savings so I don't gas out in the next couple years
  10. Wake up at 9:00 am or earlier
    Honestly, the day is wasted when I sleep in. This doesn't have to be followed 100% but for the most part I want to become a morning person for exercise and productivity
  11. Continue applying to internships
    Not specific, but don't become dejected or apathetic in my career search just because it's hard and I've been told no
  12. Practice gratitude and positivity
    Acknowledge the good things that happen every day and stop being an energy drain
  13. Visit Seattle or Boston or California
    Take another road trip with my best friends and cross off one of these places
  14. Travel to Paris (once I'm fluent—maybe not in 2017)
    The reward for learning a new language and working so hard will of course be a trip to Paris