You can't pour water from an empty cup. Here are some great ways to restore your emotional energy in trying times.
  1. Grounding Meditation
    Focusing on your breath, slowly bring your attention to your base- your feet or where you're seated. Allow yourself to become aware of the ground beneath you. With every breath imagine yourself setting down roots, like a tree. After you're firmly rooted in place, imagine your breath bringing growth upward- branching out with every inhale and exhale.
  2. Yin Yoga
    Yoga focused on restorative asanas can be a good way to calm that monkey-mind and stretch out before bed.
  3. Salt Bath
    There is nothing like soaking the day's aches and pains away in an Epsom or Dead Sea salt bath. There are all manner of salt bath options, but Epsom salts are a solid, inexpensive choice..
  4. Listening to music with headphones
    Don't think. Listen. Get lost. Appreciate.
  5. Journaling
    Write it all out. ALL of it.
  6. Love session with your pet
    There is nothing like the heart-healing powers of unconditional love. Spending time with your furry friend is a fantastic way to stay in the moment. All that matters is right now and if you can scratch under that chin *just* right.
  7. Read a favorite book
    Get lost in a familiar world with characters you already know and love. Even if only for a portion of the journey.