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When I say best, I mean 10/10 shows
  1. How I met your mother
    If you like the Friends (funny character development, running gags, relatable humor).
  2. Friends
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. **Leave in the comments any 10/10 shows you recommend. I want to find new shows to watch.
Every week I'll be updating you guys on underrated and new apps.
  1. Opera Developer - with power saver mode on
    Seriously, go get this now. Its way faster than chrome. This was a recent update to their beta a few days ago.
  2. Battery Time 2 (menu bar)
    Shows ETA Battery time remaining. You can also be notified when battery reaches set %'s. I like this bc I time my charges so that my battery is between a healthy 30% and 80%. https://github.com/codler/Battery-Time-Remaining
  3. Typora.io (markdown editor)
    In beta. Markdown Editor and Live preview all in on window. No need to check back and forth. CSS renders as you type.
4 more...
  1. Best things I found online - weekly
    Sundry of best things - news articles, YouTube videos, etc if the week
  2. Mac apps - weekly
    I'm an avid Mac App user
  3. Favorite subreddits.