I'm not a grumpy old man, simply a guy who is aware of how much frustration the technology that is supposed to make our lives easier bring into our lives.
  1. Try to stay off our phones in social situations
  2. Create usernames
  3. Agree to terms and conditions we haven't read
  4. Update apps and software
  5. Constantly check the battery level of our phones and other devices
  6. Take pictures of our food
  7. Try to remember passwords
  8. Think of alternate usernames when the one we want is taken
  9. Pair things via Bluetooth
  10. Charge things - phones, tablets, computers, wireless speakers, wireless mice, wireless keyboards, etc.
  11. Reset passwords when we can't remember them
  12. Plug addresses into GPS
  13. Restart things - routers, computers, programs, etc.
  14. Worry about identity theft
  15. Sync things
  16. Talk about "The Cloud"
  17. Wait for things to buffer
  18. Use voice commands with inanimate objects
  19. Scroll, swipe, pinch, zoom
  20. Hashtag
  21. Post-breakup social media adjustments - changing status, unfriending, blocking, etc.