1. Cry. Sob. Weep. Don't ignore the pain, let it out and you will feel immediate relief.
  2. Delete your ex's number. Keeping their number in your phone is tempting. The drunk version of you will definitely call them and pour out way too much information.
  3. Hang out with friends.You can vent to them about how your ex didn't appreciate the cupcakes you made them that one time, or something like that. Plus they will talk you up and make you feel invincible.
  4. Keep busy. Start studying hardcore, or take up a new hobby. The less free time you have, the less time you have to think of the ex.
  5. When in doubt, drive it out. On days you're really missing them, get in the car, blast some music and drive. This is therapy.
  6. Exercise. Seriously it sounds cliche, but after a hard workout, not only do you feel amazing, but you have a confident perspective on things.
  7. Do not hate your ex. Even if they were the biggest asshole on the planet, forgive and let go. Holding onto anger just means you're holding onto them.
  8. Take a super hot selfie. Post that picture and you'll have a big self-esteem boost. After someone leaving, sometimes you just need to feel pretty or hot.
  9. Write about it. Keep a journal for times when you feel really emotional. As a musician, I've realized some of my best music is composed when I'm completely heartbroken.
  10. When you're ready, go on a date with someone new. Once you fall for someone new, the ex is completely in the past.