So many of these #relationshipgoals I see spread across social media all have to do with outer appearance and materialistic items. I thought of some things that I believe are true love goals.
  1. Being each other's emergency contacts.
    Knowing they'd be the first person at your side in a terrible situation and trusting they'd pick up the phone.
  2. Being able to poop right before they use the restroom.
    Because really how much closer can you get?
  3. Not freaking out about what present to get them
    Because you know them so well you already have the perfect gift in mind months before the holiday.
  4. Having set sides of the bed
    Sleeping together so often you know exactly how to do it.
  5. Being able to reminisce on how you've grown together.
    "Remember when we first met and it took me way too long to ask you out" "Dude remember when we were broke college kids and had a ramen noodle date night"
  6. Getting sick and letting them take care of you and vice versa
    You look gross and act gross and they still stick around❤
  7. Road tripping together and singing along to music all the way
    Gotta be so comfortable and in love to do all of this.
  8. Having vows to each other you plan on keeping til the end of time
    "I vow to share the covers even when I don't want to" "I vow to give you cheesy pickup lines even when we are old and dying" "I vow to leave you hot water in the shower because I care"
  9. Static
  10. Eating ice cream by the gallon in bed together