How to find happiness after a dark time and stay content with yourself and the life you are living
  1. Love your friends as strong as your romantic relationships
    Remind them of how much they mean to you and go out with them even when you aren't super up to it. These are the people that have stood by you through the worst and best times. The world should celebrate true friendship as much as it does romance.
  2. Create from the pain
    Write down your thoughts. Keep a journal. Write music. Write poems. Paint. Make sculptures. Make origami. Scrapbook. Let out your inner frustrations in a way that helps others and yourself, rather than using self-destructive coping methods.
  3. Learn the difference between a glass of wine to relax and a binge drinking night to cope
    There is a huge difference. Alcohol is not evil, but you cannot self-medicate with it. Have a glass of wine and take a bubble bath if you are breaking down, but don't go out and mask your feelings. They will come back way stronger once the tequila sinks in.
  4. Give yourself encouragement
    Don't be afraid to show your confidence. Look in the mirror and find one thing you love about yourself every morning. When you do good at work, pat yourself on the back of your boss doesn't. Celebrate little personal victories. For me this is stuff like not sleeping with a random to get validation or eating all my meals. It may seem stupid but we all work through inner battles and we should encourage ourselves to keep working and celebrate the progress made.
  5. Compliment others
    Watch them smile and you will light up as well. Think about that time you had a rough morning and the girl at the gas station said you had beautiful hair. Didn't that make you feel way better. Be that kind stranger to someone else
  6. Don't base your happiness off what you are "supposed" to be
    If you are happy waiting tables or cooking your whole life, keep doing it. There is absolutely no shame in that. You enjoy your job and are good at it. If you don't want kids, don't let society convince you you're not making a good choice. If you do not feel comfortable taking psych meds, find a n alternative therapy that works. If you take meds and they help, don't stop because you don't want to be judged. Love your life in whatever way you feel makes you feel at peace and fulfilled.
  7. Take breaks when you need them and ask for help
    Never be afraid to say "I'm overwhelmed right now" or "hey I need a hand with putting my mind back together. One of the hugest things to remember is ABSOLUTELY NOBODY CAN DO EVERYTHING ALONE. We need other people, we need human interaction. And we need metal health days every once in a while
  8. Quit anything you feel is bringing you down
    A relationship that makes you feel overwhelmed constantly. Leave. A friend that leads you down bad paths or uses you. Cut them off. A job that makes you cry everyday when you get to your car. Quit. Life is far too short to try to settle for anything that makes you uneasy or unhappy everyday. There are better jobs, better men/women, and better friends
  9. Do not be afraid to take chances again
    You have been hurt and to the bottom of everything but still let yourself bloom and bleed. Fall in love with that coworker with the beautiful eyes that wants to go out for dinner. Make friends with that strange girl who draws abstract things on her lunch break. Enter a contest doing what you love. Song karaoke if you feel like it. And dance any chance you have