Stuff that happens to me at Science House every weekend.
  1. Bone hiding
    What is Annie looking for in the perfect bone-hiding spot, and how many can we leave "hidden" until the place starts looking like a cemetery after a flood?
  2. Debate about reproduction
    Is it what organisms *do* or are am I just feeling the relentless societal pressure that constantly reminds women that motherhood is the only accomplishment that makes life worth living? Or is James correct when he says that the end point for intelligent life is the kind of smart technology we can't yet imagine? *Every weekend,* some variation on this theme.
  3. Altar rituals
    A secret altar for a goddess associated with rivers, gold, sunflowers, copper, dancing, peacock feathers, chocolate pastries, the rainbow serpent and the golden egg, the cosmic mirror and the ultimate creativity.
  4. Reading
    "Trying to find out what really happened, one gets lost in a complex psychological labyrinth, bewildered by an Italian play of mirrors reflecting each other's distorted images."
  5. Disappearing time
    It always seems like there will be more than enough time to tear through the reading stack and organize notes like a detective plotting the path of a serial killer's next move. But then it's time for dinner already.