My in-laws live in Hawaii and write books about snorkeling. Today they took me in the sea where I snorkeled for the first time. My brain nearly exploded from amazement. I had to learn how to breathe and to relax.
  1. Bluespine Unicornfish
    "The spines are as sharp as scalpels. If you touch it, it will slice your hand up."
  2. Slate pencil sea urchin
    Slick, red, spiky, like a piece of art 3D printed from a kindergartener's drawing.
  3. Green sea turtle.
    My in-laws have a huge wooden turtle on their kitchen counter. The first thing I saw underwater was the real life version of it!
  4. Sea Urchin
    My father in law tried to explain, in underwater pantomime, that if I let it stay in my hand it would suck on and I would have to peel it off.
  5. Yellow Tang
    Massive schools of bright yellow fish flitting in spangled light.
  6. Achilles Tang
    The picture is of my in-laws in their wetsuits. They look like they're 25.
  7. Yellowtail Coris
    Covered, I mean completely covered, in fluorescent blue dots.
  8. A rainbow.
    It rained for like thirty seconds and a huge rainbow came out across the sky.