My mother welds. "Don't stare directly at the sparks or you'll go blind."
  1. The Bead Hoarder's Orgasm is a piece of art my mother made.
    She almost called it Bead Hoarder's Divorce but we can all agree, she picked a better name.
  2. She still had more hoarded beads.
    She will *always* have more hoarded beads. There is no end.
  3. She made a new piece of art and won the "people's choice" award in a show.
  4. The new piece is called Fountain of Blood.
    It's made of 357 magnum shells.
  5. She used the shells to make a fountain overflowing with blood.
    The blood is made of red beads.
  6. My best friend from high school took her kids to the show.
    They are among the people who voted for her. What do you tell kids about a piece called Fountain of Blood made out of shotgun shells and blood beads?