My life goal is to visit a new place every year I live. And I'm always looking for my next destination, so if you've been somewhere awesome, leave a comment and let me know... So here's my list and one thing I learned from the trip:
  1. Mexico
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    Cheap tacos and "¿Dondé esta el baño?" First time out of the country when I was 13... Culture shock big time.
  2. Canada
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    Ketchup-flavored chips and lots of fir trees.
  3. France
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    Crêpes everywhere, don't talk to the gypsies, and the Mona Lisa isn't really all that spectacular (in comparison). But man is it a beautiful place.
  4. Israel
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    Rich history, diverse culture and very little room. Surprised by how beautiful they can make the desert look... the land of milk & honey?
  5. Italy
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    First day at the hotel I opened the curtains to outback porch. A man across the way was dusting off a rug on his balcony. He saw me, waved to me and called out, "bonjourno!" with a smile. It really is just like the movies, people.
  6. South Korea
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    Korean people dream of a united Korean State. Hard work and dedication can rebuild a nation and bring prosperity. Also, learn to use the chop sticks.
  7. Switzerland
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    The Alps. Oh. My. Word.
  8. Germany
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    Celebrate where you come from and drive fast.
  9. Cameroon
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    Rethink several things and learn about value, hard work and the important things in life. Also, that rain makes things beautiful. Futbol is a language that needs no words.
  10. Ireland
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    When you play in a band, don't expect to leave the pubs before 3am. Possibly the friendliest people on planet earth. It ain't an Irish song if it doesn't include "whiskey" or "beer."
  11. Lichtenstein
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    Pears in wine bottles. Don't blink or you'll miss the whole country.
  12. Next trip? Ecuador.
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