Favourite Albums of All Time

Music means quite a bit to me, so here's a random list of my favourite albums ever made!
  1. Slipknot - Iowa
    The first Slipknot album I ever listened to, and the first album that ever introduced me to the concept of "screamo" music. I feel in love with this album and still do love it.
  2. BT - These Hopeful Machines
    The only BT album I own, physically, apart from IMA, and one of my favourite electronic albums of all time.
  3. Nine Inch Nails - The Slip
    My favourite Nine Inch Nails album of all time, although I pretty much love every Nine Inch Nails album.
  4. The Postal Service - Give Up
    I originally heard of The Postal Service after the whole Owl City, Postal Service thing where everyone said Owl City ripped off the Postal Service, but I find that this album is a million times better than any Owl City album. However, I do still enjoy Owl City music.
  5. Ninja Sex Party - Under The Covers
    The most recent addition to my "favourite album" list. This album is by Dan Avidan (alternatively known as Danny Sexbang) and Brian Wecht (alternatively known as Ninja Brian). The album is comprised of 12 covers that the band have made of classic 80s songs.