1. Leonardo
    You are a rule follower who appreciates structure. You can be relied upon to deliver on promises and you are a hard worker. You may often be the last the leave the office and among the first to arrive. Your need for structure and discipline can sometimes make it difficult for you to adapt to change or unforeseen circumstances. You have the will and pragmatism to lead but may lack to charisma to achieve a leadership position.
  2. Donatello
    Curios and inquisitive there is a great chance you went to college and majored in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program. You are a tinkerer, willing to fix things yourself and likely pretty good with your hands. You are analytical, intelligent, and likely introverted if not a little socially awkward. You are generally kind, although that may not show outwardly. You are not particularly concerned with your appearance and it shows.
  3. Raphael
    You are independent and not interested in making friends, but you are a loyal keep friends for life. You are generally stubborn and have clear issues with authority which can hurt you in your career (you may be self employed). You do not like structure or rules in general and want to be left alone to handle things as you see fit. You keep your emotions bottled up and they can explode. Injustice makes your blood boil and you are highly perceptive to it. Your gruff exterior belies a sensitive soul
  4. Michelangelo
    You are a huge douche. Everybody hates you because you’re a huge douche. Well, not everybody, other Michelangelo fans like you, but they are also douches. Together, you are completely insufferable. Turn your music down.