Reading has always been a major part of my everyday life and up until today I have read more than 1300 books of which I'm sharing my favorite ones below. This list is exclusively made of FICTION books only. Feel free to suggest me some other fiction books based on this list! Cheers!
  1. The Curious Incident With A Dog At Midnight
  2. The House Of The Scorpion
  3. The Magician's Nephew
  4. The Lion, The Wardrobe And The Witch
  5. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close
  6. My Sweet Little Orange Tree
  7. The Ocean At The End Of The Lane
  8. The Hunger Games
  9. Toby Alone
  10. Oscar And The Lady In Pink
  11. Coraline
  12. The Second Graal
  13. Noah's Child
  14. Fahrenheit 451
  15. 1984
  16. The Magic Thief
  17. And Then There Were None
  18. The Labours Of Hercules
  19. The Invention Of Hugo Cabret
  20. The Voyage Of The Dawn Trader
  21. Lottie And Lisa
  22. His Dark Materials
  23. Stardust
  24. Pax
  25. Larklight
  26. Cogheart
  27. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
  28. The Little Prince
  29. If Nobody Speaks Of Remarkable Things
  30. The Girls Of Ink And Stars