Thoughts Occurring to ME on Boxing Day

List of weird things that occurred to me on Boxing Day.
  1. Why is it called Boxing Day? Are we supposed to punch each other? Or go shopping? Or punch each other while shopping?
  2. I love socially awkward relatives with poor hearing, who compensate by yelling louder at you about unrelated issues.
  3. Or your spouse yelling in your ear by accident after repeating herself for the fourth time.
  4. That moment when an extroverted relative talks to themselves at you, then gets confused when you respond.
  5. Halo 5 doesn't have a split screen multiplayer mode. Betrayal!!#brokenheart #grumpyface
  6. I love arms. Like totally and completely. Arms, you complete me.
  7. The Warhammer tabletop game is like finding a beautiful pit with depth, color, and complexity. And then throwing all your money down it.
  8. Buying diamond jewelry for your spouse is like buying Warhammer armies but never playing the game.
  9. Relatives who move your presents to a place so you won't forget them, causing you to forget them.
  10. Driving back to a relative's house because we forgot a thing. Then driving back, again, after we forgot a thing, again.
  11. When a relative expresses a desire for pajamas. Everyone buys them pajamas. #pajamaoff
  12. When your spouse gets mad at you for making lists rather than spending time with her family. 😅