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I didn't want to be sad about turning the big 40, so I made it fabulous! AND IT WAS! As a mom, I'm always giving and neglecting myself. This year it was going to be all about me. I think I accomplished this goal. So on my last day of being 40, I'm reflecting on what an amazing year I have had. (These are in no particular order of importance!)
  1. It started off with a wonderful bday dinner with wonderful people. My BFF pushed back her normal visit to be here for the celebration
    Pic taken on my actual 40th birthday.
  2. I signed up to be a volunteer at the only Childrens Hospital in Oklahoma
    It took me awhile to not cry after each night when I was done. Especially on the cancer floor. My job is to take the toy cart to kids that are admitted that day. I'm the fun person they get to see!
  3. It took me this long to be brave to wear bright lipstick!
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  1. Take Xanax
  2. Don't forget you take Xanax and don't order a drink during hour layover
As requested by @AileenRR . These are my before,during and after thoughts
  2. I can't believe I entered the competition 5K
  3. Ok I see some non athletic type peeps in the same race..maybe I won't be the last person to finish
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Requested by my fav Canadian @hasti
  1. Drink special
    Always looking for more bang for my buck.
  2. I usually ask the bar tender what they suggest that is "fruity & strong"
    Cuz you know every person makes their special drink they pride themselves on ..so you know it will be good
  3. Margarita
    Or as we call it in our house Margie Bargie
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It's Race for the Cure. For my mom & part of my fabulous 40 year celebrations
  1. 1.
    Don't die
    I didn't die!!!
  2. 2.
    Why did I take a 2 mth break from "training"
    I did better than I thought I would
  3. 3.
    Can a lung collapse from running?
    I felt like this was happening a few times
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