Requested by @hasti
Requested by my fav Canadian @hasti
  1. Drink special
    Always looking for more bang for my buck.
  2. I usually ask the bar tender what they suggest that is "fruity & strong"
    Cuz you know every person makes their special drink they pride themselves on you know it will be good
  3. Margarita
    Or as we call it in our house Margie Bargie
  4. White wine
    I like either a Riesling or Moscato
  5. Long Island Iced Tea
    If I can never decide what to get, this is a good go to drink
  6. Shots
    Every bar has their own version of shots, but I like a sweet tart, grape ape, Etka, Etka ...again fruity
  7. Beer
    I like beer, but it makes me bloated and full. I will have one with dinner but not for a night out of drinking...unless it's at the end of the night and I'm just drinking whatever
  8. I get to do all the above maybe 3 times a year..if lucky
    You know since I'm not in my 20s, it takes me a week to recover. Lastly, I still have to be a mom the next day