My Forty Fabulous Year

I didn't want to be sad about turning the big 40, so I made it fabulous! AND IT WAS! As a mom, I'm always giving and neglecting myself. This year it was going to be all about me. I think I accomplished this goal. So on my last day of being 40, I'm reflecting on what an amazing year I have had. (These are in no particular order of importance!)
  1. It started off with a wonderful bday dinner with wonderful people. My BFF pushed back her normal visit to be here for the celebration
    Pic taken on my actual 40th birthday.
  2. I signed up to be a volunteer at the only Childrens Hospital in Oklahoma
    It took me awhile to not cry after each night when I was done. Especially on the cancer floor. My job is to take the toy cart to kids that are admitted that day. I'm the fun person they get to see!
  3. It took me this long to be brave to wear bright lipstick!
  4. Summer family vaca to LA happened to be the same time as the red carpet premiere of Inside Out
    We waited for 3 hours before we got to see Mindy! My daughter got to take some pics with some Disney Channel stars. I couldn't believe I saw Mindy!! It was the best!
  5. I got to hold an of Walt Disneys!
    We had a free VIP tour of the Walt Disney Studios and Radio Disney. It was amazing. All because we had 15,000 Disney Movie Reward Points. We have almost every Disney movie.
  6. The UCB for Emmy consideration writers panel for The Mindy Project
    So I picked the best time to go to LA. I waited 3 plus hours to get a spot for standby. We got to sit on the first row. I couldn't believe I was was the best!
  7. Got to see Salvador Perez Emmy nominated costume designs
  8. I ran my first 5K
    I did this for me and for my mom. She was 37 when she died of breast cancer and I tried to live this year for her as well!
  9. I shot a gun
    It was a themed bday party for my bro-in-law and it was at a gun range. I hate guns but i was proud of myself for doing it. I'm a bad aim though.
  10. I got to see see NYC from the top of the Empire State Building
    I hate heights but I didn't have any anxiety at all.
  11. Witnessed my friends get married on their 20th anniversary
    The NYC skyline behind them. Beautiful
  12. Had my first NYC slice..and it was yummy
  13. Saw my first Broadway show
    I have been to three West end shows but this was my first chance to see a Broadway show. The chairs are just as little..not long leg friendly
  14. Went to Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me Book tour in LA
    Waited forever in line but luckily I had good company to help pass the time away. My first Mindian meet up! 📷 @AileenRR
  15. My second picture with Mindy Kaling in one year
    Seriously, I still can't believe it. She made me cry talking about her mom during the in convo part. My only dream in life was to become a mom, because I never got to have a mom past age 11 or that close relationship. I hope one day @mindy can fill that dream as well.
  16. Met the one and only Emmy Nominated Mr. Perez
  17. Enjoyed the beach without kids, but felt like a kid at the beach
  18. I have some more few firsts that I've always wanted to do that I enjoyed this year especially from my 2 trips to LA and my trip to NY. I've had a blessed year. Can't wait to see what 41 has in store for me.