As requested by @AileenRR . These are my before,during and after thoughts
  2. I can't believe I entered the competition 5K
  3. Ok I see some non athletic type peeps in the same race..maybe I won't be the last person to finish
  4. Waiting for the gun to go off...omg here come the tears..STOP ROBIN!!!
  5. Here we go. This isn't bad, I'm actually passing people
  6. I should have drank more, my mouth is dry..where is the water station I see in movies all the time?
  7. There it is! I get to throw the cup on the ground like I'm cool.
  8. I really should have "trained" more before this race
  9. These little kids are passing me!
  10. I have no idea where we are, but I'm enjoying the sites!
  11. My eyes are doing that watery thing again
  12. I'm just gonna walk up this my strength
  13. I really should have planned my playlist a bit better
  14. I can't wait for this to be over.
  15. More tears
  16. I glad I "trained" on the streets , I think the treadmill would have made it harder to do this
  17. There's the buildings by the finish line..finally
  18. Ok should be around this corner keep running ..
  19. There's my family ..yeah!!
  20. Finish line here I come💗 more 😭
  21. I'm gonna die.. Let's just walk by the first aid station in case I pass out
  22. I can't believe I did that. Proud of myself
  23. I wasn't last..miracle