We all have anxiety, right?
  1. My teeth are gonna fall out
  2. That video of the guy being attacked by a ghost is real
  3. One day my reflection will do something different than me... Always watch him
  4. My earthquake escape route in this tall building will be blocked
  5. Cancer yet?
  6. I can't afford my life
  7. I thought I closed my closet door?!?
  8. Do I smell something burning?
  9. I should keep my hand on the emergency brake in case I pass out.
  10. Am I breathing normal?
  11. How could any girl love me... I'm a wreck
  12. She probably thinks I'm not a nerd... Damn
  13. I don't have enough followers to keep thinking I am funny
  14. Aliens are real but nobody believes me
  15. How will I know if I go crazy?!?
  16. Are my dead relatives watching me masturbate?
  17. Do I already own this movie? I should get it in case I don't
  18. If Bernie doesn't win this thing then the rich club wins forever
  19. If I email everyone I know key words like bomb and terrorist does that cloud up their results or just puts me on a list... Does this count too?