1. I'm 38. Leave me alone, why don't ya
  2. Ur the guy every girl is complaining about
  3. I could destroy you but ur doing a good job already
  4. I'm not sure if u would have said those mean things to me if you knew how many toys I have.
  5. I would still try to save you during an alien invasion so can we just pretend I already saved you?
  6. Oh cool, I'm a bully too. What's ur email address?
  7. Hey I'm casting a movie and I need someone to play the biggest piece of shit in town. Are you SAG?
  8. Let's see how tough you are at street fighter... No blocking either
  9. Actually my fanny pack works better for me because the pockets on my short shorts are pretty small
  10. I don't think Batman would be your friend if he was real. Are you ok with that?
  11. I think a girl here likes me so i'm gonna talk to her in case I'm right.
  12. Why don't you take a selfie and look at it. Ha. Made you take a selfie. Why don't you post it. Ha, now ur a postman. My roommates dog would hate you.
  13. Hey a lot of other guys bully me. What should I do when that happens. #curious
  14. Do you like farts? Cause you stink (then quickly run away)