In reverse chronological order. Selfies ahead!
  1. Trail running in Breckenridge, CO, at 9,600 feet; basically breathing through a straw but gosh was it pretty.
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  2. Free-soloing Tenaya Peak (it's only like, 5.2, Mom)
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  3. Hiking in Tahoe
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  4. Drinking all of the wine in Napa
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    Literally. All of the wine.
  5. Drinking crappy beer in Vegas with chef Jean-Georges. (Brief moment of extreme unhappiness captured here followed by much elation.)
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  6. Learning to drive a team of horses
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  7. Screw driving horses; let's just ride them 👏🏽
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  8. Chillin' with this lil pumpkin in an apple orchard
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  9. Snuggling up on my bun (RIP, Norbert)
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  10. Annoying friends by tap dancing* in large bodies of water
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    *minus tap shoes.