You totally have time for a quick yoga session before work! These 5 songs are perfect for an early A.M. flow.
  1. Today by ODESZA
    Start here. The song builds slowly, allowing you to warm up with some cat/cow poses, stretching, and general getting-out-the-kinks.
  2. Third Eye by Florence + The Machine
    Time for sun salutations! I dare you to move through Surya Namaskar set to this song without smiling. It is impossible.
  3. The Greatest by Ellie Goulding
    Time for balancing poses. I like the momentum of this song for standing balances like tree and eagle, as well as arm balances like crow, side crow, and flying pigeon.
  4. In Harmony by Ásgeir
    Ready for inversions? Shoulder stand, plow, headstand, and hand stand are all on offer. I'm currently working on my forearm balance. 💪🏽 Start to calm down toward the end here, getting ready for savasana.
  5. Back in the World by David Gray
    Ah, savasana. Take a few seated twists before releasing into corpse pose and find stillness (no fidgeting!). Let it go. Rest. Breathe. You just did something amazing for yourself. Go, you!