All cooking techniques are accessible. Salt, pepper, and oil are freebies. I highly encourage you all to think about this important topic and create your own lists, as well.
  1. Ground lamb
    Is this an aggressive first choice? Oh well.
  2. Swiss chard
    You can braise it, steam it, quick sauté it, AND eat it raw.
  3. Raisins
    I binge-eat raisins. And now you know my deepest secret. Flame raisins are superior for their plump and meaty texture.
  4. Tahini
    Would use it as a sauce for all the excellent lamb kefta I'd be cooking, as well as a pairing for my morning raisins. I stand by this choice proudly.
  5. Sweet potatoes
    Oh, I'd have you in so many ways, sweet potatoes... Plus, they're carby enough to make up for the fact that I chose fucking raisins over bread.