You may enjoy these if you read my book. You may enjoy them even if you didn't!
  1. Sunrise from the pig pen
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  2. Said pigs
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  3. Bear *not actually a bear
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  4. Bear's butt
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  5. More bear
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  6. Finch, killer of rats
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  7. I don't think I will explain this one, after all
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  8. "Now that's a rutabaga!"
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  9. Nothing like rolling into the place with a cart full of corn
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  10. No arugula emoji?
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  11. Will perform perverse acts with squash, for squash
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  12. James Franco (the cow, not the actor)
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  13. Casual Friday
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  14. Bae
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  15. This is what happens when you take out the compost on a weekend
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  16. Not the worst thing in the world
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