6 Random Photos in My Camera Roll

I take a lot of photos of things so I remember something later. It never works. I have a phone full of screen shots and random pictures
  1. My Make Up drawer
    Because I need a reminder of what I have and don't have so that I don't keep buying the same thing over and over. AND also because I need to clean it I keep thinking I'll remember to do it if I keep seeing it dirty. Doesn't work...
  2. I need this mug
    I found this mug on Amazon and I have to have it! I took a screen shot of it so if for whatever reason my cart refreshes and I lose this item I could quickly remember to add it. I NEED IT
  3. Munchies
    I've NEVER had a sno ball and Caro and I always talk about them so I bought some to try them. And Hot Cheetos because WHY NOT.
  4. Hustler
    Because he tests all of snap chats filter out for me. And because I love him.
  5. Jose
    Because he's cute.
  6. Wee Man
    That one time I met Wee Man at Anitas.
  7. Meme
    Because this meme couldn't be more accurate. 😒
  8. My Attempt at a Selfie
    Jose hates the camera 😢