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I have so many goddamn obsessions
  1. Cherub
  2. Asher Roth
    He snapped me multiple times!!!!
  3. Rubies
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Thinks I've heard or said in person that have moved me
  1. "A good life is good luck and some bad luck"
    Pharanee Deters: driving is to the small Mae Sot airport, telling us about how she almost drove herself off a cliff after her husband was shot but she didn't cause the gibbons needed her
  2. "the dragonflies are taking care of us"
    @ Lollapalooza~ Brooke, kylee, and I on various drugs while millions of dragonflies flew a few feet above the crowd just as the sun was setting. Near the fountain
  3. A metaphor about stealing innocence/youth
    On the beach with kylee and brooke. We found a pit and made a fire in it. Later a family with young kids came by. They made it so the tide would fill it up and make a kitty pool.
I feel prettyyyyy soooo pretttyyy
The way people feel about me and things I've created
  1. My painting, "Women"
  2. My piece of fiction, "Darling"
    Kimberly Shegog, Creative Writing Prof. Freshman year, second semester
  3. Munster Compliments
    I think it was a girl I met in Spanish. Red hair.
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  1. Cactus Teapot
  2. Fancy Seahorse
  3. Women
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