Some Hella Tight Art I Got To See matters
  1. "Los Cuatro Dictadores" Eduardo Arroyo
    Hitler, Mussolini, Salazar, Franco. Names constructed of pure evil and this painting does just that. Each portrait then constructed based off of the destruction they created, fitting
  2. "Statue of Marshall Ney in Fog" Brassaï
    This is now one of my all time favorite pictures. Here we see a statue, an ode to an ancient hero, a staple of the country's storied and rich cultural history. Then in the background, a subtle reminder of the modern, consumer society that doesn't have time for novelty (that'd be the hotel sign)
  3. I forgot the name of this one but it's still tight
    I legit stared at this one for 20 minutes. The way that it captures the atmosphere of city life is astounding. The foggy and dreary setting, the detail of each subjects character, like everything about this is breathtaking. It reminds us that although each character stands lifeless and motionless for one to observe, we must not forget that each person in this is unique and concocting stories for each is oh so fun. Construct a story, I want to hear it
  4. "Hotel Room" Edward Hopper
    Edward Hopper, the only artist I've seen that has been able to paint silence. Capable of portraying isolation and desperation unlike any other, this painting is one of my favorites I got to see. It so perfectly displays the loneliness, the despair that many young adults of the Great Depression may have felt. Bravo Mr. Hopper
  5. "Self Portrait in Burgos" Rodrigo A.D
    On the left we have a boy. Terrified of the future, afraid to be completely independent, and someone incapable of handling mature, adults like responsibilities. But then on the right we have a man who is a staple of stability, an ideal example of hard work, and a model of compassion. The boy on the right only hopes he can become even half the man the one on the left is. When that day comes, he knows he will have truly experienced success (Love you dad <4)