"Above the Line: My 'Wild Oats' Adventure" starts with the making of a movie, but soon, it's just a jump to the left. . . . Read The @washingtonpost review here: http://wapo.st/20Qw1Hg
  1. "The star people tell me that I was one of the star people and participated in the creation of the animals out of the soil of the Atlantean earth."
  2. "My personal experience into stem cell injections was a circus."
  3. "I was in a hole, buried up to my neck in the desert sand. There was a man buried next to me. I couldn't place who he was -- then or now. It seemed we were lovers."
  4. "I saw a huge whale of a man in the ocean, drowning. I rescued him with the help of a giraffe."
  5. "From spending so much time in the water and remembering the sinking of Atlantis, I find my balance is somewhat off because I'm becoming more aligned with space-time."
  6. "The media, particularly the news, is in alliance with me to design my reality, but then I'm designing the news too."
  7. "I always thought Lemuria had been the utopian civilization. But what I found in my esoteric research was that the Lemurian people were not truly in physical bodies, but rather in devic-like etheric states, and did not face the difficulties required of the physical Earth stage."
  8. "Many ancient scrolls and books testify that 70% of all people now living on planet Earth experienced living with physicality in Atlantis."
  9. "The beings we refer to as Sasquatch are remnants of human-gorilla genetically engineered mutants, created for heavy labor by the Aryans."
  10. "Maybe I should go back to Atlantis."