Chosen by Elizabeth Lund for the @washingtonpost’s Book World:
  1. "Vivas to Those Who Have Failed," by Martín Espada (Norton, $25.95)
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    These poems are fresh and engaging because they reveal a great deal about father and son and their commitment to helping people rise.
  2. "Incorrect Merciful Impulses," by Camille Rankine (Copper Canyon; paperback, $16)
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    A striking debut that delights with its sculpted lines, surprising insights, and clear-sighted observations about communication and isolation.
  3. "The Darkening Trapeze," by Larry Levis (Graywolf; paperback, $16)
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    This collection, which includes lyrics, long elegies and a coda written about Levis’s son, demonstrates the intensity and singular voice that distinguished five collections during his lifetime and two other posthumous books.