From The Washington Post:
  1. “Hillary,” by Jonah Winter and Raul Colón (Schwartz & Wade, ages 4 to 8)
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    In simple terms, Winter offers younger readers a portrait of someone who learns all she can and draws on her experience in tough situations.
  2. “Hillary Rodham Clinton: Do All the Good You Can,” by Cynthia Levinson (Balzer + Bray, ages 10 to 14)
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    Levinson, who once lived across the hall from Clinton as a freshman at Wellesley, shows a smart, determined young woman who acts fearlessly and with conviction.
  3. “Hillary Rodham Clinton: Some Girls Are Born to Lead,” by Michelle Markel and LeUyen Pham (Balzer + Bray, ages 4 to 8)
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    This picture book biography focuses on the mostly male political world that Clinton had to navigate to get where she is. Of the three books, it takes the most lighthearted and cheering girl-power approach.