Best New Kids Books for Poetry Month

  1. "Jazz Day: The Making of a Famous Photograph," by Roxane Orgill (Candlewick, Ages 7 – 11)
    On a hot day in 1958, a group of jazz musicians stood in front of a Harlem brownstone to pose for an Esquire magazine photo shoot. Little did they know that the photograph — featuring 57 musicians and a group of neighborhood kids — would become legendary.
  2. "Slickety Quick," by Skila Brown (Candlewick, Ages 4-9):
    Skila Brown’s catchy, enlightening verse and Bob Kolar’s bright, edge-to-edge illustrations bring underwater creatures dazzlingly to life.
  3. "Free Verse," by Sarah Dooley (Putnam, Ages 10 and up).
    A quiet girl distances herself from her foster mother and schoolmates; but when the teacher assigns poetry, the tiny form of the haiku allows Sasha to express her grief and begin to open up to others.