Best new poetry for May

  1. Rita Dove’s "Collected Poems: 1974 to 2004" (Norton, $39.95)
    Fans will enjoy a fresh encounter with Dove’s best work, such as the exquisite “Grace Notes,” where simple memories are transformed into lyrical gems, and the movielike narrative in “Thomas and Beulah,” which juxtaposes war and civil rights struggles with the experiences of her maternal grandparents.
  2. Sjohnna McCray's "Rapture" (Graywolf; paperback, $16)
    A stunning debut that won the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets. The collection, which springs from McCray’s experience as the son of a Vietnam veteran and a Korean “comfort woman,” is deeply moving and original.
  3. Karen Leona Anderson’s "Receipt" (Milkweed; paperback, $16)
    This collection may permanently alter the way you read a cookbook. In the opening pages, Anderson titles her poems after simple ingredients and sweet-sounding concoctions, such as “Asparagus,” “Gingerbread ” and “Crown of Glory Frosting.” These pieces cleverly suggest how culinary ideals — and saccharine mores — promise success in love and life yet constrict people instead.