If you're ever in NOLA, just call me Rick Steve's.
  1. Blue Cypress Books
    There are other great small bookstores in New Orleans, but those bookstores don't have a cat that will sit on you while you read.
  2. Spotted Cat Art Market
    Great outdoor alternative to the French Market to find jewelry, prints, backpacks and all other kinds of hand crafted stuff made right here in NOLA. It's open all night from 7pm to 1am and right on Frenchman St which has tons of great music clubs (including the Spotted Cat) and restaurants.
  3. Snake & Jakes
    This dive bar is 365 days a year Christmas themed in a small shack in the residential part of Uptown. Lots of interesting friendly people ranging from students to locals.
  4. Royal St.
    Really cool street parallel to Bourbon where you can get away from the rum soaked tourists. Its only a block but may as well be a world away. Great shops, galleries and restaurants and half the street is closed off to cars so tons of local street musicians come out to play.
  5. SoBou Restaurant
    This place is owned by the Comander's Palace people but is a lot less expensive. They have a really great bar with an awesome bartender and tapas style plates to share. Favorites: Ribs with ghost pepper cotton candy, $1 house made pork rinds
  6. Parkway Bakery & Tavern
    My favorite poboy [sandwich on cheap french baguette] place because of the range of versions you can get. Favorites: BBQ Beef and Caprese.
  7. Satsuma
    You'll be hard pressed to find anything resembling food in New Orleans that hasn't been fried, smothered or extra buttered, so if you need a break, or a reminder of California or Brooklyn, this place is a great alternative. Favorites: Satsuma breakfast plate and Green breakfast sandwich
  8. Antieau Gallery
    On Royal St., this gallery showcasing the dark hundred work of Chris Roberts-Antieau is amazing. My personal favorites include the collection "Tragic Snow Globes" and the quilted scenes of "Misunderstood Monsters."
  9. Zotz
    Weird cafe on Oak St. that has a plethora of board games (apparently board game aficionados come here for some kind of tournament... I have yet to see this for myself) and great music playing in the background. They also have a back garden that's great to sit outside in nicer weather. The coffee also doesn't have chickaree in it which is my first criterion in New Orleans.
  10. Killer Poboys
    Can be hard to find since it's in the back of the Erin Rose Bar but totally worth it. They have a small ever changing menu of Poboys that range from sweet potato to meatloaf to pork belly. You will not leave hungry.
  11. Dante's Kitchen
    GREAT Breakfast
  12. Cochon
    Have not eaten here but hear the best things about it from everyone. Mostly pig associated items.
  13. Chiba
    Awesome regular happy hour sushi from 3pm-5pm and also a happy hour from 12am-1am which is even better.