1. John Hamm pants
    What... If you haven't you have to now
  2. Plopping
    The hair curling technique... Not as defined by Urban Dictionary....
  3. Blue Alize
    For a 2003-2006 party. Idk what is more 2003-2006 than blue Alize.
  4. James Franco art
    He's now teaching a course on film at my high school.
  5. Moynihan Station
    First fashion show tomorrow BGBG @ 8:00am... Google maps is not 100p clear
  6. Urban Dictionary: Sus
    Recently said by my roommates with increasing frequency. Abbreviation of suspicious.
  7. Netflix in Spanish
    Getting really into this
  8. Velvet Season 3
    Byproduct of my "Netflix in Spanish" search. Went through seasons 1&2 way too fast.