Love is a battlefield. Especially when you have poor hand/eye coordination and the attention span of a squirrel.
  1. Bruised tailbone
    From some crazy lady trying to get a throw that knocked me to the ground. I was picked up and put on someone's shoulders to avoid further injury but that was only hour one.
  2. Bruised head
    From not paying attention and getting hit square in the head by a frisbee someone threw out of a float.
  3. Bruised cheek
    From not paying attention and getting smacked in the face with beads while looking the wrong way.
  4. Bruised arm
    From not paying attention and getting smacked in the arm with a bag of beads.
  5. Scratches on back
    From riding in the rear of a Uhaul van with 20 other people driven by a fraternity pledge. Lucky that was the only injury sustained.
  6. Bruised legs
    This just seems to magically happen without any provocation that I can recall
  7. Blisters
    From walking an average of 7 miles a day
  8. Broken Heart
    Now that Mardi Gras 2015 is over and we have to wait approximately 353 days for the next one.