Complied by @hipfun @kapripant and I. It should be noted that these were [mostly] titled by the groups themselves.
  1. The Ratchets
    Aka "bops". All under the height of 5'3 these girls ran the party circuit, if you can call the Palo Alto teen scene a party circuit.
  2. Chiller
    Studious pot smokers. Lovers of animal collective, hiking, burritos, higher consciousness, and fresh fruit for breakfast like their mama always gave them.
  3. Chiller Girls
    An unwanted but widespread name for my friends and I due to our loose association with the aforementioned "chiller". Aptly described by @kapripant as "pop culture savants and a little more eclectic of an assortment than the others, thus the need for a derivative, rather than descriptive name."
  4. The Bros
    Actually a group of girls whose only real connection to the word "bros" was that they dated them. Preppy and athletic. Simultaneously loved and hated each other.
  5. The Battalion
    Boy counterpart to the Bro's. A lot more "bro" like.
  6. Jerk
    Chain smoking, Internet obsessed, caustically dry humored, boys who hung out in a garage called "the gurg". @hipfun was their only girl member until she left/was kicked out and summarily replaced by a "Courtney Love wannabe".
  7. The Seven Deadly Sins
    Hot girls that played sports and encapsulated what you'd imagine when you think of "popular high school girl." Smiley. All American. Seven of them.
  8. The Bad P's
    Hot boys that played sports and encapsulated what you imagine as "high school jock." Muscle-bound. All American. Had (Have?) a twitter page account used to promote their 'brand' and conduct a digital feud with their equivalents at Sacred Heart Prep: "The Wintaboyz"
  9. The Pioneers
    Overarching group that included the Bad P's and the 7 Deadly sins.