1. OCD middle aged asian man who drives a porche with buzz cut. Brought lunch in hip Tupperware.
  2. Bitter old woman, looks British, says "they know everything now because of the computer!"*
    *noted: "She also went on a tangent about a recent operation where the nurse knew about how she got her tonsils out in 1946. Pridefully tells story of how she reported guys on alligator alley in Florida trying to put an alligator in their car."
  3. Old man who tried to sell me his self help book for $10, chatty, spells out his website for me starting with "it's all lower case... W-W-W-DOT... "
  4. One guy with DUI, knew all the DUI Jeopardy questions.
  5. Dirty long haired tie dye wearing 20 something, doodles band name "Tool" on napkin, when asked what he does for a living says "I play the bass"
  6. Loud obnoxious girl going to UCSC, legacy of the traffic school, her mother attended 3 times before her own stint. Second time here.
  7. Cat lady with bangs wearing leopard print.
  8. Convenient store clerk who caters to the drag queens from next door.