It's good to be back in the land of my youth where the parents ride bikes and the kids drive BMW's. Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Marc Zuckerberg is sitting at the next table at a restaurant wondering why you are indiscreetly taking his picture
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    It is likely that you are in Palo Alto. Or you're @dana. Or both.
  2. That 11 year old kid has a newer iPhone than you
    You are in Palo Alto
  3. Paying $2500 a month for a suburban studio apartment seems reasonable
    You are in Palo Alto
  4. You're at a farmer's market where you pay the stand by credit card via iPad
    You are in Palo Alto.
  5. A diverse group of 3-5 guys just passed you on the sidewalk flying a drone
    You are in Palo Alto
  6. A woman wearing $1000+ worth of clothing from R.E.I. just rode past you on her fixed gear bike.
    You are in Palo Alto
  7. You just did a double take at a moving car you're almost positive did not have a driver
    It probably didn't. You are in Palo Alto.
  8. You are stuck in a tesla traffic jam
    Suggested by @gilbaron