1. Who do you think you are?
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    Standing taller than the most magnificent buildings on Earth? You are the first thing a person sees coming into the city. Even before the Empire State Building. How dare you.
  2. You look like you were designed in a minute.
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    By a kindergartener. How dare you.
  3. You are an insult to all that New York City stands for.
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    The passion, dedication, hope, grit and promise. All you represent is that it is now possible for people to buy the New York City skyline. How dare you.
  4. You do not deserve to be the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.
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    Not even the shortest. Or the medium-ist. You do nothing but crush the inspiration of those coming to find it. How dare you.
  5. You are an indelible mistake on the world’s manmade masterpiece.
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    New York deserves better than this. The world deserves better than this. You have failed the planet. How dare you.