I've wanted to be many things in my life. Here is a peek into my dream vocations over time...
  1. Princess
    Who didn't want to be one at some stage?
  2. Ballerina
    If I couldn't be a princess I was going to look and move as gracefully as one
  3. Homicide detective
    This didn't last long as I realised I would have to deliver sad news to people. I also didn't think I could stomach seeing any gruesome murders
  4. Graphic designer
    I changed my mind about this when I realised how bad I was at art
  5. Teacher
    I ditched this idea when I realised I had little patience for those who purposely cause trouble and that as a teacher I couldn't react not say what I want thus I would be left only with a headache like I had as a student
  6. Journalist
    I took up this idea shortly before going to university. A few weeks into my degree I realised how ruthless and pushy you had to be to make it in this field. Thank god I chose to do a communications degree.
  7. Publishing editor
    I've always loved books and to work in a field where you get to read and make books. To take them from the flimsy paper pages of a manuscript and transform them into the tangible and beloved texts that I hold so dear
  8. Author
    Part of me has always wanted to be an author and it is a dream hat has never truly died. But I also know how difficult it is to become published and successful. If I can instead live my life immersed in the realm of the written word than I shall be perfectly happy in my self and with my life. I shall then still be doing something that I am passionate about, and that I truly love.