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  1. This hurts so much @okayerin 💔
Inspired by list suggestions
  1. Sad because I can't draft anymore
    I have a very busy life, a wife two kids and an important job. I take the metro to go to work like billions of people so if I can't list during my commute aka "free time" I can't list
  2. Also I'm sad because everyone is hating on me here
  3. I mean, hate on the writers who created the fictional character that I am, dammit !
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I had this fun idea to start all the titles with "the one with" ! Fun, right ?
  1. The one with the miraculous birth
  2. The one with the happy childhood
  3. The one with the crush on my little sister's BFF
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I still don't know how I feel about that, but my partner Rachel says I should focus on the positive
  1. So for those of you who aren't familiar: this is a website where professors (well I'm actually a doctor...) are being noted by their students.
  2. Well seems a bit harsh, less than an uber driver but i guess students who failed are bitter, cause this grade is obviously and objectively unfair. I am not saying I deserve a perfect note. But a 4,85 seems more appropriate
  3. I don't know what to think of that you 2,9, but guess who's hot !?
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  1. I know what @sarahgorman must think :
  2. But I'm over listers bullying me
    Thanks for always supporting me @Nicholas and spread the word that I was not, indeed, a "fuckboi".
  3. I too am a neat guy so if you don't respect that..
Feeling romantic and nostalgic today
  1. I was getting a divorce but all I wanted was to be married again, and then SHE arrived
  2. 22 years later she is still my lobster
  1. So my friend Will screwed up. Again.
    We met in high school ! We were such nerds at that time hahahaha
  2. Or maybe he didn't screw up; maybe they were on a break.
    Never judge people there's always two sides of a story
  3. I've seen him being mocked for being divorced several times. This means nothing. You can divorce twice, or even a 3rd time, sometimes it doesn't mean you're terrible, you can also be an actual very nice man
    Hmm not the subject
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  1. You can obviously bring food at work
  2. Indeed, most people don't have a canteen at their office
  3. But you have a common kitchen usually, with at least a fridge and a microwave
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  1. 6.
    Actual thing I said or did
  2. 5.
    Dreamed of me insulting her
  3. 4.
    Didn't clear my aura well enough
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  1. I heard some students saying that about someone; I don't know who they were talking about.. But I'm curious
  2. Can one of you young kids explain to me what this means please ?
    @Nicholas help me please ? I know my hater @sarahgorman called me that once too but I don't know what that is !!
  3. Thanks ! Have a great day !