Damn Will you're my friend but I'm ALWAYS team Rachel

  1. So my friend Will screwed up. Again.
    We met in high school ! We were such nerds at that time hahahaha
  2. Or maybe he didn't screw up; maybe they were on a break.
    Never judge people there's always two sides of a story
  3. I've seen him being mocked for being divorced several times. This means nothing. You can divorce twice, or even a 3rd time, sometimes it doesn't mean you're terrible, you can also be an actual very nice man
    Hmm not the subject
  4. But anyway I told my longtime partner Rachel about his break up...
  5. She was so happy
  6. Don't know why
  7. She said something about cheater once cheater forever
  8. Didn't get it but I didn't insist
  9. I mean the dude created the I hate Rachel club so she does have reasons to hate him back !