1. Bitter sweet list to write.
  2. Yes I had a pet monkey
  3. His name was Marcel
  4. And yes of course owning an exotic animal is wrong and against the law and dangerous for you and the animal...
  5. But Marcel helped me :
  6. I got him during a big transition time for me : newly divorced, about to be a dad...
  7. Marcel helped me A LOT.
  8. I had affection issues (see above, newly divorce) so having company helped (like any other pet I guess)
  9. He also helped me being a more responsible adult which helped me as I was about to be a dad, especially in term of confidence.
  10. But again, owning an exotic animal isn't a good thing. So I finally did the right thing and called San Diego Zoo.
  11. Funny story Marcel ended up being a monkey star and you may have seen him in movies, ads... Or tv shows maybe ?