This is a bit inappropriate but hmm yeah hmm ok. List approved my @monicageller ! (And Rachel)
  1. Emily
    How to define that... There were sparks instantly and soon real passion flame... But afterwards the flame turned into a wildfire that burned everything to the ground
  2. Elizabeth
    I'm not proud of this one, but it happens sometimes. She was a nice and sweat young woman and I have a very nice memory of her dad, very nice man.
  3. Bonnie
    I guess she was what people call a "rebound" very nice and pretty... Until she shaved her head.
  4. Charlie
    I guess things could have been better, because on paper she was good for me: brilliant paleontologist, funny. But things got awkward especially cause she dated Joey first. It was just weird.
  5. Mona
    To be honest I forgot about her while writing this list, Monica and Rachel reminded me of her and I was like "DAMN IT MONA!" So despite the fact that I forgot about her a lot she was a nice woman and comprehensive.
  6. Julie
    She was very nice but she is not Rachem 😉 (hmm Rachel still isn't laughing about this). I heard she married that Russ guy and they have 2 cats.
  7. Carol
    My real first love and mother of my son. I will always love her.
  8. Rachel
    It took us 10 years to really find each other for good and we at crazy happy now. Lot of people ask me, so for your information we are not married, but she's my wife you know. We figured maybe we were marriage cursed so we are better that way. I could write a novel about her and how much I love her, but as Phoebs would say... She's my lobster.