1. Growing up with parents that may have favorite me
    I have nothing to do with it, I even helped my sister get a car out of it !
  2. My first wife wanting a divorce because she realized she was a lesbian
    It was 1994 guys ! Not that common back then. I may have difficulties dealing with that at first. And trust issues in general. But I walked her down the aisle at her wedding with the woman she left me for !
  3. First newly divorced wife announced she's pregnant
    I was shocked yes but on board right !!! Ben is such a grown up now !!! Can't believe he just turned 21 !! So proud of him ! Look at him graduating !
  4. Ok when my now long time partner announced me she was pregnant I was a bit shocked too
    But not because of Rach' (my partner) but because we used protection ! Now I'm afraid our daughter will find this list and discover she was a HAPPY SURPRISE !!! 😅