Good morning listers ! On my way to the university ☺️
  1. For those of you who don't know her, Monica is my sister !
  2. I feel she would love :
  3. She has so many lists notebooks
    One for the comestibles one the fridge, one for other household products under the sink, one for people to call back nearby the phone, plus some for to-dos (there are about 11 notebooks in the house!)
  4. But Monica is also a #ProudMum and #WorkingMum
  5. Do you guys have 12 yo twins ? It's a lot of work !
  6. She's also the chef of the best* restaurant of Westchester County
    *according to its 5 stars on Yelp
  7. So really she doesn't have much time left. Bus she is very active on other social medias :
  8. She's very active on Facebook ! Share links, memes, and post tons of pictures of the twins !!!
    My niece and nephew are so cute ☺️
  9. She has a food blog, she started it in 2004 being a new (stay at home) mom! And she's still on it ! She has a cool community !
  10. She became friend with @gabimoskowitz and @eatthelove thanks to that ! And I've seen them mention so that's how I joined !
  11. But you never know ! She might join one day !