A few days ago, I received an email about graduation (for the second time). And yesterday, I got another one about my application to grad school (can't reveal too much yet). So today I've been reflecting upon my years here at UWM as it comes to an end (and possibly a new beginning), and thought I should make a list of things I've "learned" here...
  1. I made the right choice of going to UWM and not going anywhere else.
    Out of HS, I got accepted everywhere I applied to (except Northwestern due to application issues) & my parents offered to send me abroad to study as well. I wanted to stay close to my family & friends throughout these years as I knew it was going to be a rough & long time for all of us, & it definitely has been. It wasn't just about the quality of school, but the your time you spend outside as well. If I went anywhere else, I would most likely have hated life & maybe not end up where I am now.
  2. Don't trust anything that advisors say or do.
    My current advisors for research, major, and the main one, have all been amazing. But in the past, they've all been shit, told me the wrong things, and pretty much fucked me over for 1 year wasting my time with bullshit classes. My advice, fuck what the advisors say, go straight to the source and ask professors for help in planning out your college career. Shout out to Rudi, Wimpee, and James, for helping me out this last year.
  3. Take advantage of printing at the library.
    I mean, come on. This was a no-brainer. $0.06 to print. Hell yeah, I'm printing out all the fucking research papers I can, then hitting up Alterra right after for coffee, all for under $5.00.
  4. Schedule your classes accordingly.
    Sometimes your class schedule lays out perfectly for you, sometimes it doesn't. Us STEM majors have the shittiest times with scheduling our classes, pretty much because we have classes and labs every fucking day! But that still doesn't mean we can't do anything fun afterwards. Rogues goes up on a Monday, and I used to schedule my classes on Tuesdays later so that way I had more time to get my hungover ass prepared for the day.
  5. Sleep is important...
    ...I think. Idk, that's what people say. I've had a shit sleeping schedule for the longest time. But if you can, sleep as much as you can.
  6. Never study the day before an exam.
    This was one of the greatest lessons I learned as a freshman taking Differential Eq's. My professor told us to literally not study the day before an exam, and enjoy the day. What good is it going to do if you're cramming knowledge and feeling paranoid about an exam? Instead, take the day off, relax, enjoy the day. It's better to have a clear and relaxed mind going into the exam, than to be exhausted and worried.
  7. Travel as much as you can.
    I don't need to say anything else for this one.
  8. House parties are weak than a mug! [Going to the bars with friends > going to house parties with friends]
    YES, I'M SAYING IT! HOUSE PARTIES ARE OVERRATED AND SHITTY! This is coming from the guy whose house was a prime time spot from like 2008-2011. Just how I feel, my experience from all the times I've gone out to the bars with my friends, it shits on all the house parties I've ever been too. That includes the ones outside of Milwaukee too! Madison parties were always overhyped and overrated. Bunch of bullshit ass kids drinking shitty beer. Soooo coooool.....
  9. 'The Day Before Thanksgiving' needs to be a national drinking holiday.
    One of my favorite days out of the year that I look forward to to getting mad stupid dumb out in the town with the homies. Over the last 7 years, not one of those nights has failed us yet. If anything, they give us stories that we can still recall and talk about today. Cheers.
  10. Patience.
    Patience is truly a virtue. You can never really rush things in life. Sometimes it's better to let some opportunities pass and wait for a better one. I went through 2 miserable years working weird jobs before I got my research position. Hell, I spent a year and a half wasted because of bullshit through the school. But it's all coming to an end soon and showing it's worth. Be patient with life, and good things will happen.