2015 had been a year full of fuckery. So here's a list of those things that need to stop when the new year comes around.
  1. Fuccbois
    Those man-bun, polo + sperry wearing, trust fund baby, affluenza, shitty beer drinking, cliche college life, wanna be stylists, longboarding, EDM DJ and wannabe rappers and artists, NT denim wearing, disrespectful, hipster, top heavy in the gym that only do arms, wannabe ball is life, backwards flexfit hat wearing fuccbois all need to die in 2016. Seriously, this isn't a joke. They need to be exterminated. The world would be a better place without them.
  2. Girls with fuccbois
    What are you doing girls? You're just as bad as them. Matter of fact, y'all can be exterminated with them. Bye!
  3. Drake and Future
    Ok, we get it. Y'all were the hot shit this year. You guys had your time to be alive, but y'all are both annoying as fuck now. Next!
  4. Justin Beiber
    I refuse to say that he put out a banger album. He put out 1/13 of a decent album, maybe. But otherwise, nah, he needs to go too.
  5. Yeezy's ugly ass shoes and clothes
    I don't think I have anything else to say to this which hasn't been said already. Nike and Mugatu from Zoolander definitely deserve all the credit for your success this year.
  6. People still not using their fucking turn signals
    How is this still a thing? What the fuck? You assholes on the streets need your license revoked. And fuck it, y'all shouldn't even be allowed to ride in a car anymore either.
  7. Being P.C. and sensitive about everything
    I'm tired of all the PC bullshit going around. I wish someone would try to pull some of that shit on me! It's the worst.
  8. Hover boards, or whatever the fuck they're called since they're not real hover boards
    I hope they all burn and go to hell, along with the people riding them. Shit, there's stories of them out there burning, so it looks like they might disappear in 2016.
  9. Popular dances that got famous because of social media.
    Whip, nae nae, Quan, dab, etc, all of that shit needs to die as of yesterday. I'm over it. I really hope juking and krumping make a comeback next year instead of bullshit ass kids making these dumbass dances. Oh, social media taught you how to dance? Can they also teach you how to play in traffic? That'd be great.
  10. Racism
    I thought I should give one of these notes a serious side. This year, we've seen it all around the world, with everything happening. It needs to stop. And sadly, it won't. It never will. But we can keep trying to make the world by being better people ourselves. Speak up and stand up for what is right. No more hiding and playing what if scenarios in our heads.