Street Fighter 5 came out about a little more than 2 weeks ago now. I've been playing a lot of it (it's new, it still kind of sucks), and it made me think of my favorites, and what I think are the best fighting games of all time. So here it is. Top 10! ¡FIGHT!
  1. 10 - Ultra Street Fighter 4
    This barely broke my top 10. It's a good game, and they were making improvements from the original release of SF4, but it still seems imbalanced, and the controls and system/mechanics bugs me. But due to popular demand, this is what everyone is still playing until they work out the kinks with 5 and get that game going. I feel like certain players are over buffed and certain players are underpowered. It's fun to play, but can be frustrating at times.
  2. 9 - Super Smash Bro (Melee)
    I never was a bug Smash Bros player. In fact, I fucking suck at these games. They're fun to play though with a big group, but I would never play this at home by myself. I can't deny the fun factor and popularity behind these games, which is why it makes top 10, but to be honest, it should be tied at 10.
  3. 8 - Street Fighter 2 Turbo
    This might be the very first SF game I've ever played and I still remember a lot of it and playing it on SNES and in the arcades. This is the one that made history and pretty much got everyone in my generation and older to play. I can still go back to this and play it.
  4. 7 - Person 4 Arena Ultimax: Ultimate Suplex Hold
    To be honest, I'm not too big of a fan of Arc style fighting games, but this one caught me in surprise. Guilty Gear is fun every now and then, and BlazBlu is mehhh. But this takes style and mechanics from both, and makes it so much better. I think the game is fairly balanced for an Arc style game, and no player seems over powered or unstoppable with spam-able techniques. It's Persona 4, but a fighting game.
  5. 6 - Capcom v. SNK 2
    I'm not too crazy about SNK fighting games, although I do admit that King of Fighter XIII whoops a lot of ass. But this was such a great game that got slept on. From the roster of characters, the mechanics of the game with systems (or -ISMs) and balancing fighting styles between characters, having the different systems in place, and even the music and stages, this game was amazing. They really do need to make a CvS3, especially with SF5 out, and KOF XIV coming soon.
  6. 5 - Tekken Tag Tournament
    Yes! If you have never played this growing up, or even now, then you're fucking missing out. Stop reading this, find a copy, and play this game now! Hwoarang and Eddy for life!
  7. 4 - Mortal Kombat 3
    Out of all the Mortal Kombat games, this is still the best, and possibly the most memorable amongst most gamers. It was different, bloody, and brought out that feeling of fighting, just like how any fighting game should! It was great.
  8. 3 - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
    I'll be honest, I suck at this game too. It's mostly because of the parry system. But when you ask everyone else, they usually say that this is he best SF game of all time. And I can almost see that. It really makes you focus on technique instead of just button mashing, and brings it back to fundamentals, rather than just relying on a bunch of supers. It's a true fighting game. And come on, the Daigo video. Yeah. I can see how SF5 wants to take it in this direction, but it still needs work.
  9. 2 - Marvel v. Capcom 2 (Arcade)
    MvC1 was great. But 2 was it. We're not going to talk about 3, just like how we don't talk about 'God Father 3'. MvC2 had everything! The greatest character selection, the best combos and supers, stages, sounds, everything! It had it all! The best was still in the arcades when you had all 6 buttons to use, unlike on PS when you only had LP/K and HP/K. This game was the true king of arcade fighting games. But only in the arcades. There's only one game that I put above this...
  10. 1 - Street Fighter Alpha 3
    This is the best Street Fighter game, and overall best fighting game of all time! Let's start with roster. Honestly, this might have the best characters ever (except for a few). Everyone is balanced and has their own unique way of playing and balanced using the modes. The selection between the -ISMs is genius and promotes different styles, and balances the game. The game still looks amazing to this day. Replay the game, and you'll see why I think this is the best.